Ecotricity is an independent green energy supplier that provides 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas to homes and businesses across the UK.

As part of its commitment to renewable energy, Ecotricity also has an exclusive 'bills into mills' scheme that sees a percentage of its customers' energy bills funnelled into developing new sources of green energy.

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Ecotricity was launched in 1996 as the UK's first green electricity provider, when its mission statement was to change the way electricity is made and used in the UK to help build a more sustainable energy supply for the UK.

In 2010, Ecotricity became a 100% green energy company when it introduced green gas to the UK, which it could produce and put back into the grid.

Ecotricity operates as a not-for-profit business, and puts any money it makes into funding its renewables projects - including windmills, sunmills and gasmills.

Who owns Ecotricity?

Ecotricity was founded in 1995 and remains an independent UK energy supplier. The supplier has no shareholders and issues ecobonds to its customers to share in the financial benefits of green energy supply.

It's ecobonds scheme has powered a number of green initiatives including:

  • A new windmill to power Pinewood Studios' Cardiff site
  • A third windmill to power Ford's Dagenham diesel engine factory
  • Two big windmills to power the Michelin tyre factory in Ballymena, Northern Ireland
  • A windmill at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Norfolk - their first public sector windmill

Why switch to Ecotricity

If you're looking to switch to a supplier with genuine green credentials, Ecotricity looks to be a good option - not only do they offer 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas, they're committed to funding renewable energy projects across the UK.

When switching to a green energy supplier, you need to bear in mind that you might have to pay a little extra to help fund green initiatives and consider that prices can be higher due to the fact that renewable energy simply costs more to produce. The good news is that prices will come down and renewable technology improves and more projects get off the ground.

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What is Green Energy's fuel mix?

Any electricity we use is generated from a combination of different fuels such as nuclear, coal and renewable sources (wind, water and the sun). The different amounts of each fuel contributed makes up a supplier's energy fuel mix.

Here is Ecotricity's electricity fuel mix:

Electricity Source Electricity supplied by Ecotricity Average for UK
Coal 0% 5.2%
Natural Gas 0% 41.4%
Nuclear 0% 18.7%
Renewable 100% 32.8%
Other 0% 1.9%
Total 100% 100%

How to switch to Ecotricity

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Then choose the best energy deal for you, and we'll take care of the rest of the switch - you'll be with your new supplier within 21 days, and there'll be no disruption to your supply.

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