Fuse Energy

Fuse Energy is more than just the UK's newest electricity supplier. They are building the future of electricity, turning unused land and rooftops into solar developments, and operating solar and wind sites in the UK.

Company Overview

Fuse Energy describe themselves as a group of engineers and thinkers from Revolut, Tesla, and Voltalia, united around the vision of a company that puts the planet first. They are committed to making electricity cheaper, greener, and more accessible for everyone.

Types of Energy Offered

Fuse Energy is primarily an electricity supplier, with a strong focus on renewable energy. They operate 18MW of solar and wind sites in the UK alone, with a further 100MW on the way. They reinvest 100% of their profits into renewable projects around the world.

Tariffs and Pricing


Tariff Name Electricity Unit Price Electricity Standing Charge Gas Unit Price Gas Standing Charge


Fuse Energy offers a variable electricity only*, tariff that allows customers to save money while powering up with real renewable electricity. They claim to offer the cheapest variable tariff in the UK, saving customers £50 on their energy bills (in comparison to the price cap). In order to sign up to Fuse Energy's tariff you must download their App and manage your account through it. The App allows you to track the amount of electricity you use each hour and view your spend and any savings. You can also view where your renewable electricity comes from. Monthly direct debit is the only payment option currently available, and customers pay for what they used in the previous month.

* Economy 7 and 10 are not currently supported.

Customer Service

For any support enquiries, customers can reach out to Fuse Energy at support@fuseenergy.com. They also offer a mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices, that allows customers to manage their energy usage, see their savings, and switch to Fuse Energy in just 3 minutes.


Fuse Energy is a very new entrant to the UK energy market, offering affordable and renewable electricity to homes across the country. Their commitment to reinvesting profits into renewable projects and their user-friendly app make them an intriguing choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

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