npower and its subsidiary companies including npower Select, Wasps Energy & Wigan Warriors Energy are now part of the E.ON Group and all of their customers will eventually be supplied by E.ON Next.

nPower Contact Details

Please be advised that nPower is now part of E.on and as such the contact details are for E.on Next.

Phone: 0808 501 5200

Website: Contact Page


About nPower

Npower was established in 2002 as the consumer division of Innogy, following a takeover from RWE, a German energy company. And its history is intertwined with several other big energy suppliers.

Innogy itself was formed back in 2000 when National Power split into two separate companies - Innogy in the UK and International Power for operations across the rest of the world.

At the time, National Power had been in existence for a decade, after the Central Electricity Generating Board was split into four companies - PowerGen, National Power, National Grid, and Nuclear Electric, which would eventually become EDF Energy in the UK.

If that wasn't complicated enough, Npower was due to merge its domestic and business energy operations with SSE in 2017, but the merger fell through with both companies blaming the newly-introduced energy price caps and testing market conditions (this was just before many smaller energy suppliers started going bust).

Npower's future was finally decided when it was taken over by E.ON. This means the NPower brand is no more and the big six will ultimately become the 'big five' (unless one or more of the larger independents step in to fill the void).

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