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Sainsbury's Energy offers some of the most competitive energy tariffs in the market, and has done so fairly consistently. That is because British Gas, who operates the Sainsbury's Energy brand, uses it to acquire new customers. What this means is that tariffs sold under the Sainsbury's Energy brand can be significantly cheaper than British Gas branded tariffs. And when we say significant we really mean it - Sainsbury's Energy tariffs have often undercut those of British Gas by £200 or more on an average dual fuel energy bill.

Yet it is not well known that British Gas and Sainsbury's Energy are basically the same company. Nor is it well known that British Gas customers can switch to a cheaper tariff Sainsburys Energy tariff and pick up a big saving whilst staying with the same supplier. British Gas customers can switch to Sainsbury's Energy right here at The Energy Shop.

So, if you are a British Gas customer you should seriously consider switching to a Sainsbury's Energy tariff. You will stay with the same energy supplier but could easily cut £100s off of your annual energy bill. Off course, these tariffs are not limited to just British Gas customers. All customers can apply and would be advised to compare rates before doing so.

Sainsbury's Energy Tariffs


Tariff Name Electricity Unit Price Electricity Standing Charge Gas Unit Price Gas Standing Charge


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Sainsbury's Energy Contact Details

Below are the contact details for Sainsbury's Energy should you need to contact them for general billing enquiries or complaints.


Telephone: 0808 501 5277


Sainsbury's Energy,

Trinity House,

2 Burton Street,



About Sainsbury's Energy

Sainsburys Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury's, one of the UK's leading UK food retailers and British Gas, the largest energy supplier in the UK. The partnership was launched in 2011 with the aim of offering great savings on energy bills, not just to Sainsburys customers but to customers across the UK.

Sainsbury's Energy does not at present supply prepayment meter customers.

Sainsbury's Energy is signed up to the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Sainsbury's Energy Fuel Mix

All suppliers, including Sainsburys Energy, are required to provide information about the mix of fuels they use to generate the electricity they supply to their customers. They also need to disclose the environmental impact of this fuel mix.

This information is known as the Fuel Mix Disclosure and is published annually.

Because Sainsbury's Energy is supplied by British Gas, Sainsburys Energy Fuel Mix disclosure is the same as that of British Gas.

The table below shows the British Gas Fuel Mix.

Energy Source British Gas UK Average
Coal 11% 26.7%
Natural gas 33% 29.7%
Nuclear 31% 22.2%
Renewables 23% 19.3%
Other fuels 2% 2.1%
CO2 emissions 240 g/kWh 368 g/kWh
High-level radioactive waste 0.0022 g/kWh 0.0016 g/kWh


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