Tulo Energy

The UK energy market is no stranger to new entrants, and Tulo Energy is the latest name to join the roster. But what sets Tulo apart, and what can consumers expect from this new supplier? Let's dive in.

Company Overview

Tulo Energy has entered the energy sector with a promise of simplicity, affordability, and a customer-centric approach. Their tagline, "Embracing your ideas," suggests a focus on customer feedback. While this is a commendable approach, only time will tell if they can consistently deliver on this promise in a competitive market.

Types of Energy Offered

While Tulo Energy's specific energy sources are yet to be detailed extensively. As the industry shifts towards greener solutions, it will be interesting to see how Tulo's offerings evolve and how they compare to other green energy providers in terms of sustainability and affordability.

Customer Service

One of Tulo Energy's highlighted features is its customer service. They've provided multiple channels for communication, including an email address help@tulo.energy and a Help Centre. While these are standard offerings, the real test will be in the efficiency and effectiveness of their response to customer queries and concerns.


Tulo Energy is a newcomer with promises that align with current industry trends towards customer-centricity. However, as with all new entrants, the proof will be in their performance. Consumers should keep an eye on user reviews, tariff competitiveness, and the company's ability to handle issues as they arise.

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